Top Notch Coppell Faucet Repair & Installations

Let our Coppell plumbing contractors replace your leaky faucetsAre you tired of high water bills due to that constant drip in your faucet? Is it time to upgrade old faucets and fixtures but you just don't have the energy to deal with it? Our Coppell faucet repair and installation team can have your new faucets up and running in no time.

Did you know even a tiny faucet drip can have a material effect on your water bill? A service call to fix a leaky faucet has the potential to pay for itself many times over, which is why you should never hesitate to get your sink fixed. If you're dealing with a problem faucet, it could very well be time to upgrade away from it entirely. A new faucet doesn't cost as much as you think, and switching to a low-flow, aerated faucet can actually make better use of lower water pressures.

Our plumbers also have access to catalogs and manufacturers that are generally off our customers' radars, which means that we can provide your restrooms and kitchens with completely unique appearances that you won't see anywhere else.

Our Coppell Plumbing Contractors Want to Upgrade Your Home

Classic white bathroom in Coppell, Texas

If your home still has its original faucet heads in the bathroom, it may be time to update. Style aside, older faucets can use significantly more water than newer, aerated faucets, while giving the appearance of lower water pressure.

Since low-flow faucets have become the norm, you can choose from a wide array of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials to find an energy efficient faucet that matches your budget and your design sensibilities.

We'll be happy to provide you with some of our most popular faucets or install the ones you've already purchased. Eco-friendly faucets come in several elegant and modern styles and there are many top-quality name brands to choose from.

Our Coppell plumbers work closely with many residential and large commercial companies to assist them with building projects, renovations, code regulations and building inspections.

Plumbing code violations are usually dispensed during routine inspections, building renovations or if someone files a complaint. If you receive a violation our Coppell plumbing team can help. They are aware of all state and local codes and will ensure your building or home passes inspection.

If your faucet leaks, is ancient, or you are remodeling and would like a new style, call our Coppell plumbing team. We will help you select the faucets that fit your needs. We can also tell you how to receive tax incentives and discounts on all faucets and appliance upgrades.

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